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01 July 2020 Written by  110 Magazine
Published in July 2020 Articles

Being on the front lines 

of a pandemic was not something they were prepared for or ever anticipated, but our local grocery workers, school employees, and banking associates, and countless others found themselves on the battlefront nonetheless. Every day as throngs of people flooded the grocery stores in a frenzy to be prepared for the unknown, grocery workers rose to meet the increasing need. School workers made heroic efforts to keep our kids on track with their education as well as nutrition! The long lines that seemed never-ending must have left every essential worker stressed and exhausted, yet they persevered. Dealing with the fear of becoming sick themselves while tending to the needs of the masses is something these workers deserve recognition for. We are highlighting their strength and saluting their efforts here for all they did to keep our community sailing safely through a storm. Essential workers–you were true warriors!


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