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Victor Saude has never been one to sit back and spend his time relaxing.

For the past six years, I’ve been associated with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and am campaign director for The Light the Night Walk fundraising event that takes place every fall in downtown Walnut Creek.

Local Sports Hero

31 August 2015

Kailee Gross created her life motto after surviving what should have been a deadly car accident, one where her family’s car was hit by a semi-truck.

Local Sports Hero

01 August 2015

Emma Marquez displayed a natural talent for the arts beginning at a young age.

Local Sports Hero

01 June 2015

When Cydnee Kinslow’s grandmother realized just how tall her granddaughter was going to be, she knew right away that Cydnee should be enrolled in a basketball league.

Last summer some friends of mine mentioned that a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was opening in Tahoe.

This summer I am offering a three-hour study skills workshop, called the Student Success Boot Camp that is designed to give college-bound students a set of skills that will enable them to achieve academic excellence to the limit of their ability.

Physical fitness was always an important part of mylife.

Mexico’s newest vacation get-away, called Mahekal Beach Resort, recently opened in Playa del Carmen following an extensive ten million dollar reimagination.

I was born August 3, 1926 in Stockton.

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